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Partner with ProfitOptics to advance your data strategy, infrastructure, data products, and BI solutions. Our approach is focused on leveraging the right technology stacks and services for your company to ensure your readiness for AI and ML with data you can trust.  We help you expedite value realization quickly—without boiling the ocean or burning out.
CUT THROUGH THE CHAOS: A Data Executive’s Guide to Navigating the AI Journey
Download our free guide to learn 5 simple strategies to move your company on its data-driven journey toward AI, ML, and data productization. 
The road to AI preparedness can feel lonely ... and your desired results are out of reach.

Everyone is talking about AI. If you are reading this, you're likely the person responsible for making it a reality. You are probably being asked to create a scalable growth model for AI while simultaneously creating a roadmap and business case for the return on investment in the technology. So where do you begin?

You’re not alone.

We know how to address this challenge. ProfitOptics has been part of the automation journey for over 15 years and we’ve seen it all: from behemoth enterprises with legacy systems and tight margins to digital native companies that can’t scale fast enough to meet demand.

Let’s start getting impactful wins now.

We may not be able to clear your inbox orward off a well-meaning leader who just returned from an AI conference. But we can simplify the path toward automationand get you some quick wins.

ProfitOptics can help:

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Assess your current state and opportunities to automate
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Create a clear and scalable plan for AI readiness
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Provide immediate wins to reduce complexity, automate, and increase the value and quality of your data.
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Help you communicate hard truths about data readiness or prioritization

All of this begins with understanding exactly where your organization sits on the scale of data and AI readiness.

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Banish your blindspots:

Participate in ProfitOptics’ free AI Readiness Assessment
For a limited time, we are inviting leaders responsible for data readiness, quality and technology technology to take part in our AI Readiness Assessment.
ProfitOptics will help you quickly understand your business’s readiness for AI and ML with our proprietary AI Readiness Assessment. We will help you identify quick wins, opportunities to close gaps, and potential blind spots.
In one hour, you’ll walk away from the session with:
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Clarity on your company’s current readiness level across Organizational, Technical, and Data maturity
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Insights into priorities and quick-win opportunities to move up the maturity scale
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A customized 2024 roadmap to AI success based upon the data collected in our work session
Data Executive Roles: Not for the Faint of Heart
A Message from Kim Thies

SVP of Client Innovation and Data Solutions at ProfitOptics

Hi, I’m Kim. I'm glad you’re here. 

Over the past two decades, I’ve worked with a wide variety of enterprises, businesses, and nonprofits on leveraging technology and data to meet business objectives. 

During my most recent tenure as the leader of  Intelligence Automation at one of the world’s most valuable fintech companies, my global team was tasked with innovating and executing data platforms, tools, and services that leveraged AI and automation. The work I did at the company was exhilarating, often overwhelming and demanding. 

If you are reading this, it’s likely that you are embarking upon or already on a similar journey to deliver the true value from your data sets to your company profits and priorities from your diverse data sets. Your role is not for the faint of heart, and what you’re being asked to do gets more complex and expansive by the day. 

I came to ProfitOptics to provide relief and support for executives in this position.  I feel your pain, and my team and I have learned through the school of hard knocks that there are some quick and effective strategies to cut through the chaos. 

This is why we created the AI readiness assessment for our clients and potential customers. Our passion for driving innovation is rooted in our ability to deliver impactful, scalable, and automated solutions that free you and your team to focus on business growth and profitability.

We would love to be part of your solution and planning team to drive impact through productizing and democratizing your data while solving for automation, quality, and efficiency.

In It With You,


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For Big Data and AI Wins, You Can Start Small

ProfitOptics breaks down complexity and reduces the noise to help you solve for immediate needs while building upon an achievable roadmap for continued and future success.

Our experienced data team can partnerwith you to:

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Identify, prioritize and resolve immediate data analytics and engineering needs

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Define a scalable, no-nonsense roadmap to mature your journey to a data-driven organization.

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Execute project-based solutions such as re-platforming data, building data products, establishing analytic data storage, quality, governance and advanced analytics.

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Serve as a strategic partner, and/or interim CDO office services.

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Support the development of business cases for investment in your data initiatives.

Ifyou want a head start on the competition, now is the time to prepare for AI.

Partner with us to gain visibility, shoreup gaps, and take the first steps toward positioning your business for future success.

You Have Goals. We Have Solutions.
Schedule a P3 Session Now.

Our P3 Discovery Sessions are designed to efficiently help you:

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Identity the root of your Problem, Challenge, or BlueSky Goal
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Design the technical Possibilities to solve your problem
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Create a Plan of Action for success

Schedule a P3 call today to dive into the obstacles preventing you from data and AI success. Our whiteboard sessions giveyou a deeper understanding of your challenges and opportunities to help you banish blindspots, achieve immediate wins, and plan for a future that excites you.