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Data Organization & Storage

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Data Validation & Trust

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Advanced Analytics

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Machine Learning & AI

ProfitOptics is With You at Every Step of Your AI Journey

Providing Providing Data Engineering Support


Operational Storage Solutions

Effective management of your data is the core foundation of your ability to move toward automation and AI. We partner with our clients to establish optimized and rapidly scalable data solutions fit for each organization’s unique landscape and business needs. At ProfitOptics, we know one solution doesn’t fit everyone. So we work with you to maximize the investment you’ve already made in data storage, optimize storage costs and reduce unused data footprints.


Analytic Data Solutions

Perhaps you’ve heard all the latest buzz around data mesh, data fabric, modern data warehouses or lakehouses… but where do you practically begin, and where are your technology investments likely to yield the best return on your infrastructure investments?

Our team partners with you to review your current stack of tools, opportunities for rationalization and recommendations for the best model to fit your company’s data analytic needs. Our solutions are rapidly implemented and reduce the overall complexity of the data landscape. In addition we hone in our focus on the data analyst experience, ensuring ease of access to meaningful, trusted data.


Data as a Product

Do you think of your data in the same way you think of the products or services your company provides? We hope you do, and if not, we can help you to get there.

Data products are curated, packaged datasets used for analytics and decision making. They are important building blocks on your journey to AI because the data is stored by business context, improving the ability of the business teams to access and analyze it without a lot of technical expertise. Organizing your data into products also helps drive innovation and new business opportunities through cross-functional collaboration and sharing of data insight. From there, these insights can be automated or enhanced with AI technology to create a competitive advantage for your business.


Data Contract Development

Data contracts create a more vital link between your data producers and consumers.  At a minimum, they ensure constantly up-to-date documentation, but soon, you will realize that they ease data discovery, increase data quality, and deliver data matching service-level objectives (SLO). Data contracts are evolutive, guaranteeing that your data can evolve in less chaotic ways than ever before. Data contracts builds trust.

Supplying Advanced hg Analytics Solutions



Visualizing data in a meaningful way to make informed decisions is critical to modern business success. ProfitOptics partners with your team to determine the type and complexity of data you have, which visualization tools are the ‘right-sized’ fit for your business. We will help you get the most from the tools you choose—whether a custom application built by our team specific to your business needs, or an enterprise user-friendly standard such as Tableau or PowerBI. Our goal is to expand the ability of your business teams to provide data-driven guidance for critical decision making.


Machine Learning

Machine learning is a type of artificial intelligence that has become so ubiquitous that it fits perfectly in your advanced analytics jobs. It allows you to analyze data and identify patterns through computers that would otherwise be difficult or impossible for humans to detect.

ProfitOptics offers a variety of solutions in predictive analytics, personalization, automation, and risk management that we design to meet our customer’s specific challenges and opportunities.


Data Automation

Data automation leverages a variety of technologies to reduce the manual nature of data solutions from the past. We partner with our clients to identify operational efficiencies and savings by eliminating the need for manual data entry and processing, reducing the number of data errors, streamlining data workflows and ensuring data is fit for purpose. We leverage a variety of the industry’s best tools to assist with automation including ETL tooling, data integration services, data cleansing and deduplication solutions and automated visualization for recurring reports.


Data Contracts & Automation

As you advance in your data journey, data contracts become essential to your data pipeline and products. Monitoring, observability, and data quality tools leverage data contracts to detect anomalies and warn you of issues right as they happen, not days, weeks, or months after. Their seamless integration in the automation chain makes data contracts the perfect companion to quality. Data contracts are guaranteeing trust.

Providing Shifting You to AI Readiness


Data Organization for AI

You’ve been given a budget for AI or are tasked with understanding business opportunities leveraging. So where do you begin?

The answer starts with clean, clear data. We help you identify your goals and key data products needed, the frequency of the updates, and ensure through data contracts, governance, and security that your data is clean and full of errors and organize it to take business context into account. From there, we ensure that your data platform is fit for service, infusing AI's outcome throughout your organization and through your products will maximize its benefit.


Organizational Readiness

In the rush to get to AI, many organizations have forgotten the importance of a strong team and data-driven culture to achieve success. At ProfitOptics, we know that people are the most important part of AI. Once we have a clear vision of what you hope to achieve with AI, we will work with you to ensure you have the right balance of talent, that redundant roles become opportunities for upskilling and growth, and planning key communications such as business cases, stakeholder engagement and championship, etc.


Technical Architecture

Once your team understands the data needed to train and deploy key AI models, we work with our clients to achieve speed and scale via automated data structures. We also partner with industry best-of-breed products such as Snowflake, Databricks, dbt, and more to provide feedback and insights on the best areas of investment for your data landscape.

While Big 4 consultants will often tell you this is a long, complex roadmap, we take the most agile approach possible:  identifying the biggest wins for upgrade/optimization or retirement that will deliver the most value to your company. Our frameworks allow us to move quickly from assessment to a proposed roadmap ready for executive consumption.


Maximizing Automation via Data Contracts

It is well-known that AI consumes and requires massive amounts of data, but what happens when this data is flawed? Training models is an increasingly expensive operation. Tuning models with hyperparameters will increasingly be more regulated. Data contracts ensure a better and more responsible AI as they can monitor the quality, including bias detection, keep track of regulatory information, save precious resources in training, and more! Data contracts are securing trusted AI.

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