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ProfitOptics has been an Inc. 5000 fastest-growing company 9 years in a row because we have a deep understanding and respect for both the power of technology and the potential of the people who use it. 

We solve for clients’ business outcomes—and achieve them—and we’re able to do that because we put people and the way they work at the center of our solutions.

Our people are curious, possibility-focused, and show up for tough challenges. The people you meet to discuss your goals are the same people who’ll achieve your goals (and the ones who’ll achieve your next goals, too).

Your people are our focus. We design and build the software and data solutions that unlock employees’ potential and create experiences that captivate customers.

Whether it’s your customers or employees, our ultimate goal is always the same: their success and loyalty.

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When You Win, We Win

We keep growing because of our relentless pursuit of client success. When our clients win, we win.  


fastest growing company list 9 years in a row


client satisfaction

$2 billion

dollars of positive financial impact on our clients’ bottom-line


client retention

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Client Testimonial

"While I scrutinize every dollar paid to each of our vendors, I’m happy to receive the ProfitOptics invoices because I know for every $1 we pay them, we generate $6 in return."

CFO, Distribution

"ProfitOptics not only helped us retain our #1 client, but is a contributing factor to help grow that client’s revenue 25% year-to-date."

Senior Director, Analytics

"Seeing what ProfitOptics creates for us makes me feel like I’m witnessing Alexander Graham Bell transmit voice through wire for the first time!"

CEO, Healthcare

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Your Greatest Frustrations Can Become Your Greatest Strengths

Where you feel frustrated, we find possibility. We transform rusty processes and messy data into elegant automation and full visibility.

Clients working with ProfitOptics can expect to experience

Seamless speed

Our clients enjoy efficiency of operations and speed to market

Heightened engagement

Clients experience increased employee engagement and customer satisfaction 

Continuous intelligence

Get used to full data visibility and access to actionable insights

Competitive edge

Our customers achieve or maintain market leadership by offering a better way solution, delivered through proprietary technology

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Meet the team

Laurie Photo
Laurie Paciocco-Wood
VP,  Digital Solutions & Client Success
Geoff Photo
Geoff Marlatt
Greg Photo
Greg Stivers
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Nick Pericle
VP,  Technology Strategy & Solutions
Aca Photo
Aleksandar Vucetic
Tony Photo
Tony Pericle
Jon Photo
Jon Ladle
Managing Partner,  Head of Digital Strategy - Enterprise Solutions
Dana Mariano
Nathan Henry
Executive Director, Vice-President, Digital Strategy & Design

If Data is Today’s Biggest Asset, Lack of Visibility May be Your Most Dangerous Liability.

Legacy and SaaS systems are the engines by which most businesses run. Yet, they never seem to deliver the power or performance promised. 

That’s because these large, multi-use-case systems are a little like square pegs in round holes. They create blind spots that result in profit leakage, poor experiences for customers and employees, and a lack of visibility into the data needed to drive the business forward. 

Ultimately, these unchecked sources of friction and leakage will weigh your business down in a market where speed, efficiency, and purposeful design are necessary to compete and win.

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We’re not okay with that. We’re not okay with that. We’re not okay with that.
We’re not okay with that. We’re not okay with that. We’re not okay with that.
We’re not okay with that. We’re not okay with that. We’re not okay with that.
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There are too many brilliant people, pressing problems, and groundbreaking solutions out there to let innovative companies die by a thousand cuts.

ProfitOptics helps companies

who deliver a unique solution do so through tech that’s made for that specific purpose. We help our clients make moves in the marketplace that no one has seen before, because they’re using digital products that no other company has.

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