Today’s data leaders are under immense pressure. They are being asked to wrangle massive data sets, efficiently extract insights, and quickly leverage AI within a rapidly shifting and increasingly competitive environment.

Compounding this complexity is a growing demand for these leaders to produce quick results, measurable ROI, and competitive advantage through AI.

Underscoring all of this is a much larger issue: without great data,  AI and any insights it produces are, at best, useless and, at worst, dangerously misleading.  For companies to successfully leverage AI, your data must be organized, cleaned, and contextualized within your business.

Preparing your data and organization for data and AI success can feel insurmountable, but you are not alone. We’ll help you not only efficiently organize and manage your data for accuracy, accessibility, and use in AI but also rack up quick wins and measurable outcomes along the way.

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The Data as a Product (DaaP) Revolution: From Byproduct to a Revenue Driver

Contextualizing data for powerful uses like AI and advanced analytics is a big endeavor.

But often, the more important (and sometimes more challenging) step is shifting the way your company views data in the first place–from a byproduct to a product that can be packaged, marketed, and sold to your target audience.

In order for your data to be productized, it must be strategically collected, processed, cleaned, and contextualized to create value for your customers or other businesses. That means not focusing on data sets that are used most often or are most easily accessible but prioritizing data that has the potential to be most valuable to your business and its customers. And that’s a significant shift from how most of us have learned to approach data.

Data Change Management

When organizations think about how to store and organize their data, they typically consider technology solutions first.

However, commercializing data as your company's most valuable product and asset requires much more than technical expertise and platforms.  The successful adoption of DaaP demands organizational change, strategic change management, and leadership buy-in.

Is it a challenging shift to make? Sure.  Is it worth it? Absolutely. DaaP,  once built into the fabric of your business and its operations, can mean better customer experiences, game-changing predictive analytics, and brand-new revenue streams.

Are we suggesting that data leaders add even more to their plates and responsibilities through change management and fastidious data clean-up? Definitely not.  And that’s where ProfitOptics steps in as your partner and advocate.  We bring deep expertise in data preparation and experience with cutting-edge data tools. And we can certainly get you and your data ready to leverage AI.  But we also bring the change management knowledge to help you meaningfully shift leadership mindsets, bring your organization along with you,  and quickly make your data (and you) one of the most valuable parts of your business.

How We Approach Data Consulting

At ProfitOptics, we understand the critical role of data in uncovering insights, predicting outcomes, and staying competitive with AI.

We’ll help you contextualize your data within the business, identify and prioritize business cases, and govern your data responsibly for solutions that drive meaningful ROI.

Our approach focuses on delivering quick wins by aligning technical solutions with business needs. We advocate for viewing data as a product, ensuring it is treated with the same care and strategy as any other business asset.

And we advocate for you, the data leader, to get the tools and support you need to succeed.

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Democratizing Data for Long-Term Value

Data is the foundation for AI success. It also turns out it's the bedrock of almost everything that helps modern businesses become and stay secure, competitive, and profitable. That means it should be a shared responsibility across your entire business.

We partner with our clients to democratize data for long-term value. Organizations that are truly data-driven across teams, processes, and revenue streams are the ones that will be able to rapidly scale, efficiently adapt, and successfully predict the future.

We help our clients:
  • Assign business meaning and value to data sets that drive business decisions
  • Leverage "smallest component" for data reusability (like microservices) to reduce costs
  • Increase efficiencies and scalability
  • Ensure security, trust, and access controls
  • Embed governance with the least possible resistance
  • Reduce operational costs for data operations & storage

Data Engineering

Efficiently organize and manage your data to reduce the overall complexity of your data landscape and move toward automation and AI. Our scalable, flexible data engineering solutions build on the investments you’ve already made to ensure your data is accurate, trustworthy, accessible, and ready for analysis. Our data engineering approach helps you and your leadership embrace Data as a Product to create curated, packaged datasets for maximizing automation and increasing the speed and accuracy of decision-making, even for those without technical expertise.

Our data engineering services include:
  • Data storage
  • Analytic architecture solutions
  • Data as a Product (DaaP)
  • Data Contract Development

AI & Machine Learning

Scalable models for ML and AI begin with clean, clear data. We’ll help you and your team identify a clear vision and goals, prioritize business cases, and select key data products and platforms so that you can take full advantage of AI & ML. We’ll also ensure through data contracts, governance, and security that your data is clean and organized to take business context into account. We take a common-sense, agile approach to leveraging AI & ML. Together we identify the biggest wins with minimum effort and maximum scalability for minimum investment.

Our AI & ML services include:
  • Data Organization for ML & AI
  • Organizational Readiness
  • Technical Architecture
  • Maximizing Automation via Data Contracts
  • Data Governance

Advanced Analytics

Unlock the full potential of your data with advanced analytics. We’ll help you analyze data and identify patterns to lay the groundwork for leveraging predictive analytics, personalization, automation, and risk management. In our approach, you get the most from the tools you have invested in or make recommendations for ‘right-sized’ fit visualization and automation tools, so your data seamlessly and securely delivers the insights you need to make informed decisions and stay ahead in your industry.

Our advanced analytics services include:
  • Visualization
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Workflow Automation
  • Data Contract Automation

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