Technology is one of the most important aspects of a company’s success.

In industries like manufacturing, healthcare, distribution, and other constantly evolving and margin-conscious industries, custom software can be the key that unlocks growth, efficiency, profitability, and competitive advantage.

ProfitOptics specializes in custom technology solutions that solve the ever-changing needs of modern businesses. We recognize the need for custom software that is not only flexible and scalable but also as unique as the challenges and goals of our clients. Our focus on custom SaaS and outsourced product development caters to companies seeking to enhance performance and gain a competitive edge through technology.

From mid-market clients underinvested in technology to large corporations seeking a competitive edge, we provide expert-led, cost-effective technology solutions focusing on quick and sustainable ROI. Our focus is on delivering customized software that aligns with your business processes and scales with your growth for technology that meets your immediate needs and positions you for future success.

Our Approach to Technology Consulting

At ProfitOptics, we understand the intricate balance between managing costs, ensuring quality, and achieving desired business outcomes.

Our approach to technology consulting is rooted in almost two decades of crafting customized software solutions. We focus on developing flexible, scalable, and fully integrated software solutions and products.

Our proprietary software, Catalyst, aids in rapid development, reducing costs and ensuring quality. We believe in continuous support and partnership, building and continuing to provide support for solutions that evolve with your business needs.

Our Services

Custom SaaS Solutions

Our custom Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions are designed to meet your specific business needs with customized solutions that enhance your current tech stack and provide increased profitability, scalable growth, and competitive advantage.

Outsourced Product Development

We offer outsourced product development to help you bridge the talent gap in technology. Our team brings your ideas to life when you have more ideas than people to execute them.

What our clients say

"While I scrutinize every dollar paid to each of our vendors, I’m happy to receive the ProfitOptics invoices because I know for every $1 we pay them, we generate $6 in return. "



"I credit ProfitOptics for helping us to realize $ 1 billion on inflation risk/recovery revenue in just over two years. "

Senior Leader

Fortune 500 Company

"Seeing what ProfitOptics creates for us makes me feel like I’m witnessing Alexander Graham Bell transmit voice through wire for the first time!"



"Our secret sauce is our technology … and ProfitOptics is our technology partner. "


Healthcare Services Company

Our clients experience

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Custom software solutions that address unique business challenges
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An extended technology team when you are understaffed
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Technology solutions that balance cost, quality, and desired outcomes
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Integration of custom solutions with existing systems
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Decision-making support for technology leaders
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Scalable and secure technology solutions
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Adaptation to rapidly evolving technology
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Ongoing support for the products we build

Unlock growth and differentiation with custom technology

1.2% Increase In Annual Gross Profits
Our web-based Price Manager software yielded an immediate 1.2% increase in gross profits.
4X Profit Increase
Our pricing platform helped recover an eroded margin to increase profits by 4X.
$50 million annual gross profit
Our Pricing Optimization system helped recover $50 million of annual profit margin lost to inflation.

Insights from our Technology Experts

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