Make It Better.

This is our ethos. It’s what our clients ask for. It’s our goal in life and work.  And it’s what we do every day at ProfitOptics. If you want to create software and solutions that make things better for companies with powerful purposes, you’ve come to the right place.

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What We Value

Here are the values our team embodies and the characteristics we look for in new team members:


Possibility Mindset

For us, the sky’s the limit. We believe if you can envision it, we can build it. That’s why we can bring solutions to clients they never thought were possible. 


Empathetic Ability

Pardon the language, but we give a crap and we look for people who do, too. Technology impacts so many lives on a daily basis, and that’s not something we take lightly. We value empathy, thoughtfulness, and kindness.


Collaborative Nature

If you like to solve problems alone, this might not be the place for you. All our work is collaborative, from the first client meeting to the moment we launch. We believe the best ideas come from multiple minds working together. 


Outcomes Focus

We are relentless in our pursuit of client success. We look for team members who can wear many hats and check their egos at the door in service of progress and solving our clients’ greatest challenges. 


Deep Tech Love

We are obsessed with the possibilities created by technology. We’re tech and solution agnostic because it helps us solve problems, but also so we can keep learning. We work with people who embrace the world of tech and its endless applications.

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9 years in a row

Fastest-Growing Private Company


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What Our Clients Say

"Seeing what ProfitOptics creates for us makes me feel like I’m witnessing Alexander Graham Bell transmit voice through wire for the first time!"

CEO, Healthcare

"ProfitOptics is my second family. I cannot speak highly enough of them and their value to me and our company. "

Co-founder & CIO

"Our secret sauce is our technology … and ProfitOptics is our technology partner. "

Founder, Healthcare Services Company

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