Being in a leadership role today that deals with any type of technology or its impact on your business is not for the faint of heart — especially when you’re working in industries like manufacturing, distribution, or healthcare.

For over 20 years, we’ve worked with leaders who use technology to increase efficiency, boost profitability, and create competitive advantage — both today and way down the road.

This is no small feat.  And the last thing you need on your plate is one more team to manage or someone highlighting new problems without doing anything to solve them.

That’s why ProfitOptics’ approach prioritizes immediate and long-term ROI and is backed by a team that knows your industry and its challenges.

Our approach is uniquely designed to fit seamlessly into your existing operational structure, ensuring minimal disruption to your business and employees. We're not just consultants but solutionists committed to making you a hero in your organization. With ProfitOptics, you get a partner who rolls up their sleeves to create real, working solutions that drive significant, measurable results. Our custom solutions not only address your unique challenges, industry, and current tech stack–they also often find millions of extra dollars a year for our clients.

Our process

Our method is characterized by deep customization, focusing on your specific needs to ensure solutions are aligned to your goals.

From comprehensive workshops to data change management, we delve into understanding your unique challenges and environment so that we can apply our technical and industry expertise in innovative and creative ways.  The result is a solution that's technically proficient and woven into your business fabric for sustainable success and competitive advantage.

The ProfitOptics method

  • Discovery workshops to identify key problems, root causes, and prioritize business cases
  • Solutions sessions with stakeholders to begin envisioning the best ways to solve problems in the context of your current tech stack
  • Delivery of working software can often begin within the first week of our work together
  • Change management and organizational change are key success factors that we prioritize from the beginning of each project
  • Customized solutions that take your unique tech stack, business functions, employee needs, and company metrics into account
  • Ongoing support and partnership that keeps your products/software up to date and your tech usage competitive

How we’re different

Based on our 20+ years of experience working with manufacturing, distribution, and healthcare clients, we bring a unique combination of factors and skills that help us deliver quantifiable ROI:

Customized Solutions

Tailored specifically to your unique requirements, ensuring alignment with your business processes and goals.

Strategic Integration

A holistic approach to software and data engineering projects, ensuring solutions work across all business functions and platforms.

Balanced Approach

We maintain a balance between structured problem-solving and the flexibility to adapt to your unique situation.

Continuity and Support

The same team that develops your solution stays with you, providing ongoing support and fostering long-term relationships.

Empowering Decision-Making

We support your leaders in making informed decisions and balancing cost-effectiveness with high-quality outcomes.

What our clients say

"While I scrutinize every dollar paid to each of our vendors, I’m happy to receive the ProfitOptics invoices because I know for every $1 we pay them, we generate $6 in return. "



"I credit ProfitOptics for helping us to realize $ 1 billion on inflation risk/recovery revenue in just over two years. "

Senior Leader

Fortune 500 Company

"Seeing what ProfitOptics creates for us makes me feel like I’m witnessing Alexander Graham Bell transmit voice through wire for the first time!"



"Our secret sauce is our technology … and ProfitOptics is our technology partner. "


Healthcare Services Company

Our clients experience

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Reduced workload and disruptions
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Solutions that integrate seamlessly into existing operations
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High-impact outcomes with measurable ROIs
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Substantial financial gains
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Cost-effective solutions that never compromise quality or effectiveness
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Long-term partnership
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Ongoing support
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Continuous improvement
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A sense of empowerment and success as goals are met and exceeded

Learn more about our client outcomes

1.2% Increase In Annual Gross Profits
Our web-based Price Manager software yielded an immediate 1.2% increase in gross profits.
4X Profit Increase
Our pricing platform helped recover an eroded margin to increase profits by 4X.
$50 million annual gross profit
Our Pricing Optimization system helped recover $50 million of annual profit margin lost to inflation.

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