A GenAI Workshop for Distributors

Most distributors feel like a penguin on an iceberg when it comes to GenAI.  They want to dive in but don’t know what to expect.  The risks feel too great.  So they wait.  They wait to see others take the plunge first.  This is one approach,  but there‘s a better way.

We help distributors get started with GenAI now. We educate,  build use cases with LLMs,  and provide big,  scalable AI solutions.  Our goal is to get you to use GenAI effectively now and prepare for distribution’s AI future.

You can Build Better Work in Distribution with GenAI.  And we will teach you how.

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Unlock 5 Hours a Week in Time Savings Per User

Supercharge Your Team with GenAI Skills

Dedicate Time as a Team to Reimagine the POossibilities with GenAI

Give Team Members GenAI Tools and Training to Do Their Creative Best

Create a Sandbox to Play Around and Learn - We’ll Work with IT or Do This for You!

Review GenAI’s Place in Your Larger Tech Stack as Part of Your Strategy

Learn How to Think “AI Fit” to Solve Problems

  • GenAI Defined for Distribution: Learn the fundamentals of GenAI, and what leaders and employees need to know - in Distribution.
  • Raise Your GenAI Fluency: Go beyond written use-cases you readabout online,  and learn how to think through solving problems with AI.
  • Hands-On Exercises: We’ll go past the whiteboard,  and you and your team will be writing prompts,  creating CustomGPTs,  and building real solutions for your business - that you can start using right then.
  • Solutions Now: You will take what we create together, and be able touse them within your organization for immediate value.
  • Solutions Later: We will go beyond today‘s platforms to help you think through your GenAI roadmap.  We‘ll answer the question: what is the future you envision,  and how can AI get you ther th
  • Cost: The workshop is a one-time fee.
  • Virtual/On-Site: Either! We provide engaging experiences both ways.
  • How many people? Groups are best in sizes of 5-25 participants
  • Who from my organization should be included? The audience can vary
    ○ A single department,  a leadership team, a cross-functional     team
  • What prep work is there? Easy! Two 1-hour prep calls to align on specific organizational goals, and understand where you are with GenAI.
We love brainstorming with Distributors on how to build better work!
If you think this is a fit for you, or you want to learn more, reach out!
Contact Nick Pericle, Managing Director, to learn more and get started.
Expand Margins,  Empower Teams:  An Innovative Strategy for AI Implementation Presentation
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AI is a business impact engine — if you have the right roadmap.  Download Nick Pericle’s DSG session slide deck to learn the best practices in:
  • Assessing AI tools for optimal business impact
  • Challenging technology vendors to deliver the best solutions
  • Applying an innovative AI architecture methodology for efficient yet scalable results

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About Nick Pericle, VP, Technology Strategy & Solutions

Nick is a leading voice in distribution on leveraging AI and digital technology to drive profitability, efficiency,  and innovation.  With a profound understanding of sectors like distribution,  manufacturing,  and healthcare, combined with extensive experience across diverse tech stacks and ERP platforms, there's scarcely a challenge Nick hasn't personally rolled up his sleeves on.  Nick is a frequent speaker on AI,  tech, and millennial leadership and is co-host of ProfitOptics’ podcast,  People-Powered Tech. Outside of business,  Nick is a devoted husband,  father of three,  and an avid outdoorsman,  always eager for the next adventure.

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