Our web-based Price Manager software yielded an immediate 1.2% increase in gross profits.

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A leading plumbing and HVAC distribution business had come to a realization that its current pricing practices were ineffective.

After a proposed price change, there was no guarantee that they could capture a customer's full willingness to pay. The data was overwhelming, with over 100,000 possible price combinations, and fear of high customer churn was top-of-mind.

Decision-makers looked to the ProfitOptics Price Manager system—leading to a 1.2% increase in gross profits.

ProfitOptics Solution

ProfitOptics custom-configured their web-based Price Manager module into the distributor's tech stack. Powered by a sophisticated rules-based engine, the software identifies optimal price-change opportunities.

Pricing teams can model and test numerous pricing scenarios to identify the optimal price points that maximize sales revenue while minimizing churn.  From there, decision makers can approve the price proposals, automatically update the sales system, and report on profitability improvements due to the change.

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“ProfitOptics was instrumental in configuring and managing our most profitable technical solution ever implemented. Their ability to understand our business and data, combined with their depth of experience, provides us a significant competitive advantage.”

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Fearless Price Increases for Better Margins

Immediate 1.2% increase

of gross profits resulting from over 95% of customers accepting the price increases

Streamlined price change

proposal-to-approval process

Improved service

price complaints were confidently handled through price objection training and access to supporting data

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