Our custom Big Data Platform reduced data redundancies and cut reporting times by 92%.

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Like most renewable energy producers, a wind energy company needed robust data tools to obtain real-time insights that allowed them to easily navigate the complex compliance terrain, quickly adapt to market uncertainty, and optimize their operational technology (OT).

Information that optimized their wind farms, including turbine measurements and output, geospatial information, weather forecasts, and business and operations data, was sourced from numerous separate external systems that all fed into a large convoluted database—making data processing and analysis speeds slow.   

By partnering with ProfitOptics, the energy company achieved faster reporting and lowered data redundancies, all despite the infrastructure complexities of a massive database from countless separate inputs.   

ProfitOptics Solution

ProfitOptics custom-developed a complete and integrated Big Data platform for the energy producer. It delivered real-time data from the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system for turbine sensor information and could provide system failure and low-energy production alerts in one interface.

Additionally, ProfitOptics created an application programming interface (API) script for the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that supported failure codes from the SCADA system.  

Finally, to top it all off, ProfitOptics implemented record-optimization tools, an SAP HANA database, and best-in-class sensor technology for facility monitoring—improving database performance, processing speeds, and overall visibility. 

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Better Data, Faster Insights

Eliminated data processing redundancies

the number of records processed each month dropped from 500 million to 5.6 million 

92% decrease

in reporting times from 2.5 minutes to just 12 seconds 

86% reduction

in database size by using SAP HANA

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