Our pricing platform helped recover an eroded margin to increase profits by 4X.

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A Fortune 25 distributor found itself slowly watching margin dwindling. Inflation was steadily increasing costs, but customer selling prices were not appropriately adjusted due to cumbersome internal processes.

The distributor attempted to manage inflation unsuccessfully through spreadsheets and mass emails to a sales team of more than 1,000.  With an average of only 15% of proposed price change recommendations being accepted, something had to change.

Rather than surrendering to the chaos, they deployed the ProfitOptics Pricing Platform and achieved a 4x increase in margin recovery compared to their independent effort.

ProfitOptics Solution

ProfitOptics deployed its highly intuitive, proprietary software for pricing modeling. Sales and pricing teams can use it to configure rules for price hikes, potential customer churn rates, and statistical confidence levels on a product-by-product basis to present validated opportunities.

The system also provided real-time feedback on who created the proposed price change opportunities to facilitate competition and accountability amongst senior sales leaders.  

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“Sales adoption of a new process is oftentimes very difficult. However, with the highly configurable ProfitOptics Platform, we engaged the sales team to confidently act on prescribed opportunities.”

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High User Adoption for High Profit Recovery

High user adoption rates

within the sales team and overwhelmingly positive feedback on the new process 

4X increase

in margin recovery

200% increase

in price-change opportunities presented and proposals accepted

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