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To help develop and maintain key business partnerships, a medical distribution client had to ensure their data records were constantly accurate and up-to-date. 

Involving 50+ employees checking and merging data records manually, their process was tedious and did not produce ideal results. They found themselves stuck with a high number of duplicate data sets, records with missing information fields, and low confidence after wasting countless hours and resources trying to clean up their database. 

Utilizing proprietary ProfitOptics tools, the medical distributor merged their data sets more smoothly and minimize errors while reducing the total time spent on data hygiene. 

ProfitOptics Solution

Implementing the specialized SmartMatch solution, ProfitOptics helped the client perform trillions of atomic operations across vast datasets to find potential matches automatically.

The simple interface design made it easy for users to identify matches based on varying statistical confidence levels and work through the potential matches to merge and enrich the data sets for a clean, up-to-date database.

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“The ProfitOptics SmartMatch module is a definitive game changer. Dozens of departments now rely on the output generated by SmartMatch to accurately communicate with our trading partners worldwide.”

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– Lead Analyst

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A Better Process for Clean and Accurate Business Data

Pricing and rebate teams

could have more enriched data for their operations 

300x increase in efficiency

producing a clean database while reducing error rates to less than 0.05% 

A simpler data management process

Only one person was needed instead of 50 

Shortened deduplication process

from 30 days to just 3 

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