Our hand-free workflow solutions reduced warehouse product "mispicks" by 6X and increased picking productivity by 25%.

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After frequently battling product mispicks and slow worker speeds in the warehouse, a major pharmaceutical manufacturer found itself in an opportunistic moment.

They knew that with the right technology at their fingertips, they could improve warehouse speed and accuracy for faster shipping times, fewer returns and exchanges, and enhanced customer experience, all for a better bottom line. 

Leveraging emerging technology and industry-specific knowledge, ProfitOptics dramatically improved the pharmaceutical manufacturer's warehouse processing speed and quality.

ProfitOptics Solution

To prevent staff from constantly stopping and looking down to check screens or lists for reference information, ProfitOptics implemented a "Hands-Free, Heads'Up" visual workflow with voice assistance powered in the Azure cloud. Each worker can receive purchase order details and visual cues through a headset device to maintain consistent productivity.   

ProfitOptics also incorporated Augmented Reality Object Identification, Route Guidance technology where workers can get real-time item information with warehouse directions to ensure they always select the right product from the shelf. 

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Key Technologies

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Less Warehouse Errors that Impact the Customer

Real-time tracking capabilities

for warehouse insights to make improvements during high-demand times 

25% improvement

in picking productivity for better efficiency and faster worker speeds  

6x reduction in item picking errors

More customers get what they actually ordered

Stop chasing the competition and put them in your rearview mirror.
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