Jon Ladle Promoted to Managing Partner, Head of Digital Strategy, Enterprise Solutions for ProfitOptics

Richmond, VA, February 21, 2024- ProfitOptics is proud to welcome Jon Ladle to our team as Managing Partner & Head of Digital Strategy, Enterprise Solutions. Jon is a seasoned technology leader known for designing, building, and managing mission-critical technology operational systems.

With a focus on delivering enterprise-wide technology solutions that drive results and differentiate businesses, Jon's leadership will be instrumental in ProfitOptics’ continued growth. He specializes in creating technology that works within a company's current ecosystem, allowing for expansion while unlocking value from existing technology to provide better data, information, and performance.

Before joining ProfitOptics, Jon held various leadership positions across Advanous, including President, Director of Product Development, and Pricing & Margin Analyst. He holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Brigham Young University.

“Jon’s expertise in digital strategy and product development and his track record of driving growth in the information technology sector add a lot of power to our already stellar team,” says Geoff Marlatt, CEO of ProfitOptics. “His approach, while fiercely practical, opens the aperture of opportunity for businesses to thrive in the digital landscape. I’m really excited for our clients to benefit from his experience.”

Jon's philosophy is results-driven, transparent, and client-focused. “I’m committed to building trust through great communication and ensuring technology projects are considered partnerships. That’s what makes for great strategy and industry-leading tech products. I share those values with ProfitOptics, so I’m excited to enter this new role and responsibility for the team.” 

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