Precision in Progress: ProfitOptics Unveils AI Readiness Assessment

Richmond, Virginia – January 10, 2024 – ProfitOptics, a leading force in designing, building, and managing digital products and data solutions, announces an exclusive opportunity for companies to gauge their readiness to leverage the transformational abilities of AI. 

ProfitOptics has launched an “AI Readiness Assessment.” This quick and thorough online assessment provides immediate insights into companies’ AI Readiness in three functional areas: 

  • Organizational readiness
  • Technical readiness
  • Data readiness

The survey is free to users, and a custom report is provided at the end of the survey. Select users can also schedule a complimentary 60-minute findings review with their seasoned data experts for a custom AI Readiness Roadmap.

To take advantage of this exclusive offer and secure your spot for the complimentary 60-minute roadmap development session, visit or contact Kim Thies:


Since its founding in 2008, ProfitOptics has been dedicated to driving business performance for its clients in multiple industries, including distribution, healthcare, and manufacturing industries. The AI Readiness Assessment is a testament to ProfitOptics' commitment to delivering actionable insights for businesses seeking a competitive edge in the marketplace.


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