Revolutionizing Healthcare: Tony Pericle to Spotlight AI Innovation at HIDA Conferences

Richmond, Virginia  February 2nd, 2024 – Tony Pericle, the founder of ProfitOptics, is set to bring his expertise in AI and distribution to the forefront of the healthcare industry at the upcoming Health Industry Distributors Association (HIDA) conferences in Cape Coral, Florida. With a distinguished career as a thought leader, innovator, and author within the distribution sector, Pericle will share his insights at the HIDA Contract Administration Conference and the HIDA MedSupply Conference.

With over 30 years of experience in distribution, Pericle has a unique perspective on the industry, having evolved from a sales representative to a pioneering force in applying data science, software engineering, and artificial intelligence within the field. His self-taught expertise and battlefield experience have allowed him to unlock value for distributors, generating over $100 million a year in incremental client profit through the solutions architected and implemented by the company’s 200 software engineers and analysts.

At the HIDA Contract Administration Conference, Pericle will delve into the critical challenges of contract administration within the healthcare supply chain. This event serves as a vital platform for industry leaders, including providers, distributors, Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs), and manufacturers, to connect and tackle the evolving challenges of healthcare distribution.

Following this, the HIDA MedSupply Conference will feature Pericle discussing the pressing issues surrounding supply chain resilience and collaboration. This conference is dedicated to spearheading advancements in healthcare supply chain management, focusing on overcoming the industry's hurdles.

Tony Pericle's participation in these conferences underscores his commitment to fostering innovation and collaboration within the healthcare distribution sector. Attendees can expect to gain valuable insights into leveraging technology and AI for profit optimization, data analytics, and enhancing supply chain efficiency.

The healthcare industry is at a pivotal juncture, and the insights shared by Tony Pericle at the HIDA conferences are poised to catalyze significant advancements in healthcare distribution and supply chain management.

For more information about the HIDA Contract Administration Conference and HIDA MedSupply Conference, including registration details, visit

About ProfitOptics:

Since its inception in 2008, ProfitOptics has been a leader in delivering innovative technology solutions across various sectors, including distribution, healthcare, and manufacturing. The company's commitment to providing actionable insights and sophisticated AI strategies has been instrumental in helping businesses secure a competitive advantage in their respective fields.

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