Creating an Irresistible Work Environment: How Sales Automation Retains Employees

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May 16, 2024

The labor market struggles are real! Companies across all industries are battling to retain employees due to their rigorous demands that have drastically evolved since the COVID-19 pandemic. From higher compensation to more time off to remote work flexibility, the needs of your staff can no longer be overlooked if you want to sustain loyal personnel. 

While there's been a massive shift of human resources teams now making employee retention their top priority, there's a tremendous opportunity to focus on creating loyalty in ways competitors are not: A pleasant work experience. 

If you look specifically at your sales operations teams, including sales reps, account managers, service agents, data management teams, and operations personnel, you'll find that many are plagued with manual, tedious workflows:

  • Drafting and emailing customer quotes 
  • Writing down and submitting order intakes
  • Creating a new customer account profile
  • Updating customer records 
  • Deduplicating and cleaning data records 
  • Counting inventory stock 
  • Calculating sales commissions 
  • Collecting and assigning customer customer cases 

These unappealing tasks can result in disengaged employees ready to move on from your company — showing a  clear, desperate need for process improvements. 

An Appealing Work Environment Starts with Operational Automation 

It's human nature to desire fulfilling work. Sales reps want to build relationships with other people, data teams want to solve problems through numbers creatively, and account managers want to engineer solutions to help customers meet their business goals. Unfortunately, most time gets spent on monotonous, uninteresting work like data entry, preparation, and updates, much of which can be automated. 

This is where system-built business automation greatly maximizes job satisfaction, specifically from an expert provider who understands your most unappealing workflows and has the automation software to optimize them. You can create data flows that keep your business moving and employees happy by leveraging cross-app integrations through application programming interfaces (APIs) or integrator tools.

From (Manual)
To (Automation)
Quote Generation
Taking in price requests over the phone, manually generating quotes, and emailing documents to customers
A self-service portal that lets customers submit inquiries and auto-receive email quotes
New Account Setup
Inputting new customer information into the account database and emailing them to finalize their details.
A workflow that auto-creates new account profiles using company and contact data already stored in the sales CRM and notifies the customer via email to finalize their account setup.
New Order Processing
Taking in customer requests over the phone or through email, manually adding product information to the order form, and submitting it to the operations team.
A self-service ordering system where customers can submit their requests, route the information to the operations team, and auto-update the stock counts in the inventory management system.
Commission Calculations
Tracking down which deals have been closed, submitting sales commission reports to their manager, and having the manager manually inform payroll of the added compensation.
A system that automatically tracks new revenue by sales rep, calculates their shared commission, and transmits the payment amount to payroll.
Data Cleanup
Scraping through a massive database for out-of-date or duplicated records and manually deleting or merging them.
A deduplication tool that can automatically detect potential duplicate data for a user to one-click merge the records.
Levering the Power of ProfitOptics

From Automation to Workflow Optimization to Employee Retention 

Leveraging operational automation provides substantial benefits beyond improving workflow efficiency and reducing the costs of process errors. You create a better work experience for your employees by letting them spend less time on unappealing, mundane tasks and more time on relationship-building, problem-solving, and analytical work.  

In addition to generating higher job satisfaction, you can reduce the costs of turnover at your company — no more eroding your profit margin with costly recruitment and training expenses or getting hit by the indirect costs of lost productivity from staff shortages.

Our Solutions Are Proven Differentiators in Improving Employee Experience and Retaining Sales Talent    

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You Have Goals. We Have Solutions. 

Keeping top-level sales talent is vital to achieving performance metric goals and maintaining a healthy organizational culture. Process improvement through business automation could be the solution you've been looking for to remove mundane tasks from the day-to-day workload and boost job satisfaction. 

Schedule a P3 discovery call today to see what's stopping you from maximizing employee retention in your sales operation. We help you get clarity on achieving workflow optimization through automation and can provide a clear plan of action. 

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