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Our proprietary solution increased order efficiency by 10X, reduce process errors by 90%, and enhance the user experience through automation.

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Lansing Building Products provides exterior building materials for contractors throughout the United States. 

Plagued with order processing delays and human errors, the customer service team was looking to evolve past their current process, which involved taking in new orders manually by typing data from PDFs, email orders, and make-to-order (MTO) submissions into their core processing system.  

Luckily, ProfitOptics was there to improve customer order efficiency and reduce the number of processing errors.

ProfitOptics Solution

Using ProfitOptics proprietary technology platform, Catalyst, as an integrator between the processing system and third-party applications, ProfitOptics created data flows to process each type of customer order within the operation. 

Rather than employees doing manual data entry for incoming purchase orders, Catalyst serves as a broker and instantly exchanges order details from emails, PDFs, documents, spreadsheets, and third-party systems automatically. 

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“ProfitOptics came to the table with ideas, questions, and an in-depth knowledge of our business. The solutions they built exceeded our expectations and have been a critical driver of our ability to support our record growth.”

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– Chief Operating Officer

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Increased Order Efficiency, Better UI/UX

Order information is entered in minutes

instead of hours or days  

90% decrease in process errors

since order data was auto-generated from files and emails rather than through human data entry

10x increase

in order processing efficiency through workflow automation

Flexibility during demand peaks

or lower resource capacity; resources could jump between solutions

Consistent and intuitive UI/UX experience

minimized customer service training requirements

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