Process Errors Eating at Your Profit Margin? Say Goodbye with System-Built Sales Automation.

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April 19, 2024

The pressure is on! Sales executives constantly seek new cost-reduction opportunities that enable profit growth to outperform competitors in the crowded manufacturing and distribution spaces. Unfortunately, slow, error-prone manual processes could be standing in the way of hitting your target performance metrics.

Evading Process Improvements is Costing You Money and Customers 

Consider all your day-to-day sales operations workflows, from customer acquisition to product delivery. How many are completed "by hand," and what risk does that pose?

  • New customer sales orders → Account manager could take in inaccurate order information or send it to the wrong warehousing team for processing.
  • New account set up → A rep could add incorrect profile information or entirely forget to create a new customer account altogether. 
  • Price change requests → A pricing team could forget to input price-change requests to the operations from management or put in the wrong changes.   
  • Quote generation → A sales rep could add incorrect data to a proposal or send quotes to the wrong customer. 
  • Price add-on calculations → A rep could forget to account for vendor cost changes or miscalculate price add-ons.   
  • Commission tracking → A manager could overpay or underpay a sales rep due to miscalculation. 

These errors directly eat into your margin. There's money spent trying to rectify these errors, employees redoing mundane tasks to fix their mistakes, and plummeting customer satisfaction — causing high churn and you to miss out on revenue already at your fingertips because of a few blunders.

The Fix? System-Built Sales Process Automation

Maybe you've already made strides to achieve workflow optimization by investing in some out-of-the-box productivity tools or partnering with a technology consultant to build a new system or integrate with an existing one. Were they designed for your unique operational and industry needs? Not likely. 

This brings us to the ultimate solution to reducing process errors and closing that profit gap: System-built sales automation. 

Adopting generic automation software like Zapier is not enough to create robust workflows. You need systems entirely tailored to your specific business needs from a provider who understands the operations side, business use cases, and compliance requirements of your organization.  

The provider should serve as an architect who can design and deliver cross-application integrations to keep data moving forward without manual input requirements. Who can implement solutions that put repetitive, mundane tasks like quote generation, order processing, new account setup, and commission tracking on auto-pilot so your personnel can focus on customer engagement, relationship building, and creative activities that improve the business.  

Sales Process Automation in Action 

Imagine a sales operation nearly running itself:

  • A lead inputs their product needs into a system → Prices get calculated, added, and itemized to quote proposals and then emailed to them automatically. 
  • A manager issues a price-change request → Data is routed to the warehouse, updated in the sales price books, and incorporated in the inventory barcode labels automatically. 
  • A customer submits their product orders in a self-service portal → The request is sent directly to the warehouse for processing and tracked via the customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), and invoice system automatically.  

You're talking about both a significant operational enhancement (less time on tedious tasks) and sales performance improvement (more time on your customers). 

Operational Automation Reduces Costs and Keeps Revenue Flowing (AKA: Increases Profits) 

Automation is the cornerstone of efficiency improvements in a sales operation. You can achieve more with less by removing the human element from day-to-day activity and having preconfigured application workflows handle tasks for you. This allows your sales reps to focus more on relationship building, generate more quality leads, and ultimately close more deals.   

Less manual work also reduces costly errors eating at your margin. As long as the input data, such as price change rate, customer order details, or commission percentage, is correct, the automation takes care of the rest. 

Fewer errors ensure customers get what they need when they need it, so they're satisfied and keep coming back. Whether for sales, pricing, or operations teams, automation lets you avoid the costs of redoing tasks or remediating mistakes since the processes were completed correctly the first time.  

Leveraging Process Automation to Widen Margins Isn't Just Theory; It's What We Help Clients Do Everyday 

See how ProfitOptics has enabled profitability and efficiency improvement through sales automation: 

Lansing Building Products increased order efficiency by 10x and reduced process errors by 90% through automation. (Read the full story

A Fortune 25 distributor increased the number of presented price-change opportunities by 200% with automated price modeling and price-change software. (Read the full story

Averhealth generates a 10x increase in revenue over five years through operational process automation. (Read the full story

You Have Goals. We Have Solutions. 

Automation closes your profit leaks by removing error-prone, costly processes and letting your sales teams run at maximum efficiency. Schedule a P3 discovery call today to pinpoint the obstacles preventing you from hitting peak sales operations performance. We help you get clarity on how to transform your profitability with a clear plan of action. 

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