AverHealth reclaims lives, reunites families, and strengthens the community by creating the most innovative solutions for substance use disorder monitoring and treatment.

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The organization was highly successful, but it had a core challenge stunting its ability to scale: to process just 1 new client required over 12 manual steps.

Scaling the business would mean spending tens of thousands of dollars to recruit and onboard hundreds of new employees.

Instead, Averhealth hired ProfitOptics to automate processes and propel the organization to 10x its growth.

ProfitOptics Solution

ProfitOptics developed and manages a web-based ERP that powers the company to efficiently and accurately process 10,000+ users and tests every day.

The solution is tightly integrated with external systems, thus enabling an efficient and accurate data hand-off. The system is relied upon by court systems around the country to manage random drug testing programs.

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"ProfitOptics is an incredibly important strategic partner. Their team provides us enormous flexibility to develop cutting-edge and highly differentiated technical solutions, which has powered our company to grow by a factor of 10 over the past 5 years."

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Better Outcomes, Better Communities

10X Increase

in Revenue over 5 years

Process 10,000+

Users every day

Reduced Recidivism

of drug offenders

Improved Patient Outcomes

and lives and communities

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