Staying financially healthy and competitive in industries like distribution, manufacturing, and healthcare demands specialized strategies to combat daily challenges like margin compression, constantly changing pricing structures, and rebate management inefficiencies.

At ProfitOptics, we understand these challenges intimately and have worked with finance leaders like you for almost two decades.

Whereas many companies view technology as an expense, we recognize the critical role of technology as a driver of revenue and efficiency, and we can help you use it to drive major value quickly.  Our approach is focused on delivering near-immediate financial paybacks by harnessing IT innovations to optimize key financial levers.

From improving rebate capture efficiency to implementing dynamic pricing models and expanding margins, our solutions are designed to shore up profit leakage, help you take advantage of every revenue opportunity, and enhance your financial performance without disrupting your volume or operational flow.

Our Approach to Finance Consulting

ProfitOptics merges deep industry knowledge with advanced data engineering to provide financial solutions that resonate with the unique challenges of industries that operate on precise timing and tight margins.

Our approach focuses on maximizing your financial leverage without compromising operational integrity or volume, helping you thrive in competitive and increasingly complex markets.

We tackle everything from margin and rebate optimization to complex data or pricing management challenges, ensuring our clients maximize their financial opportunities. Our approach is collaborative but minimally invasive, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations while delivering substantial ROI.

Our customized, data-driven solutions transform financial challenges into growth opportunities that can add millions of dollars you didn’t know you had to your balance sheet every year.

Our Services

Margin Expansion

We provide customized technology to expand margins and optimize pricing while retaining or increasing volume. This includes addressing the complexities of handling vast product arrays and varying cost structures. Our solutions are designed to boost profitability even in the tightest margin scenarios.

Pricing Optimization

We specialize in optimizing pricing strategies to maintain or increase volume while ensuring profitability. From handling an extensive range of products to adapting to fluctuating market conditions, our solutions provide you with a pricing model that adapts to your business environment and operations to help you meet your financial goals.

Rebate Management and Optimization

We simplify the intricate process of rebate claims. Our proprietary ProfitOptics Rebate Optimization System (POROS) ensures that you capitalize on every rebate opportunity, capturing latent revenue and turning a tedious process into a profitable one.

Alternative Item Promotion / Standardization

We offer strategies for alternative item promotion and standardization, effectively helping clients leverage their private brand products or other alternates. This approach saves money for customers, improves customer experience and relationships, and enhances margins for our clients.

What our clients say

"While I scrutinize every dollar paid to each of our vendors, I’m happy to receive the ProfitOptics invoices because I know for every $1 we pay them, we generate $6 in return. "



"I credit ProfitOptics for helping us to realize $ 1 billion on inflation risk/recovery revenue in just over two years. "

Senior Leader

Fortune 500 Company

"Seeing what ProfitOptics creates for us makes me feel like I’m witnessing Alexander Graham Bell transmit voice through wire for the first time!"



"Our secret sauce is our technology … and ProfitOptics is our technology partner. "


Healthcare Services Company

Our clients experience

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Quick wins that demonstrate immediate value and ROI
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Strategies for effective margin and pricing optimization
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Increased margins while maintaining or improving volume
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Advanced rebate management leading to significant cost savings
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Customized solutions for alternative item promotion and standardization
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Significant financial insights leading to informed decision-making
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A partnership model that respects and enhances existing financial processes

We Add Millions of Dollars to Our Clients' Revenue Every Year.

While I scrutinize every dollar paid to each of our vendors, I’m happy to receive the ProfitOptics invoices because I know for every $1 we pay them, we generate $6 in return. - CFO, Distribution

Case studies

1.2% Increase In Annual Gross Profits
Our web-based Price Manager software yielded an immediate 1.2% increase in gross profits.
4X Profit Increase
Our pricing platform helped recover an eroded margin to increase profits by 4X.
$50 million annual gross profit
Our Pricing Optimization system helped recover $50 million of annual profit margin lost to inflation.

Insights from our Finance Experts

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