Our Pricing Optimization system helped recover $50 million of annual profit margin lost to inflation.

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Two terabytes (TBs) of stored data, over 1 million customers spanning 50,000 uniquely crafted contracts, and 1,000+ vendors and sales reps to manage.

Recovering diminished profit margins caused by inflation seemed unimaginable. There was too much data complexity to model and execute pricing scenarios, and no provider could solve the dilemma. 

That is until ProfitOptics came in and recovered $50 million in annual gross margin.

ProfitOptics Solution

Leveraging the ProfitOptics Pricing Optimization system, the distributor's pricing team can simultaneously configure and model thousands of price scenarios that minimize customer churn and administrative burden while maximizing profit margins.  

The company can also manage all customer contracts in the same system and incorporate the varying contract attributes into their pricing data models.

Based on contract attribute data, sales reps now utilize the intuitive interface and Salesforce.com integration to auto-receive promising opportunities to vet and act upon.

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“We could not do what we do without the technology and the ProfitOptics team. With ProfitOptics as our partner, there is no idea we fear we cannot do.”

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A Revived Profit Margin

Pricing inflation events

are now administered and executed on demand

50% increase

in proposal acceptance rate for sales reps

$50 million recovered

in annual gross profit

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