Maximizing Your Margin: A Sales Operations Optimization Guide
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Improved Profitability is Right in Front of Your Eyes—You Just Aren't Seeing It (Yet)

Manufacturers and distribution businesses often find themselves unable to maximize their profitability because they lack the data clarity and technology to do so. Critical roadblocks are preventing businesses from identifying cost-saving and revenue opportunities, like:

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Optimizing pricing

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Improving sales process efficiency

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Reaching peak business performance

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Common Roadblocks from Achieving Peak Sales Operations Performance

No Visual on Profit Impact

Can't make critical sales operations decisions because they don't have an accurate "profit picture" like each customer's true profitability, retention risk, or price-scenario analytics.


Poor Data Quality

Out-of-sync and out-of-date information and the lack of analytical tools creates blind spots for sales and margin-improving opportunities.


Inefficient, Error-Prone Processes

Manual, tedious workflows that produce an abundance of costly sales processing and price calculation errors.


Lack of Cross-Team Collaboration

Data silos that prohibit effective communication between separate SalesOps functions caused by unintegrated systems.


Limited Tech Resources

Inability to develop performance-enhancing SalesOps applications or evolve past legacy systems because of the lack of experienced in-house personnel.


Unfriendly Environment to Innovate

Can't make vital investments for digital transformation projects, including ones that will enhance sales operations, because it's a challenge to get stakeholders onboard.

"I credit ProfitOptics for helping us to realize $ 1 billion on inflation risk/recovery revenue in just over two years. "

Senior Leader, Fortune 500 Company

ProfitOptics Tears Down the Roadblocks to Optimize Sales Operations
Out-of-Sync Data and Missing Insights
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A Clearer Profit Picture with the Visibility to Close Profit Leaks
Tedious, Error-Prone Manual Processes
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Automated Sales Tools That Improve Operational Efficiency and Employee Experience
Disconnected and Inflexible Legacy Systems
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Integrated, Innovative Technology That Removes Data Silos and Helps Teams Work Together More Efficiently
Providing The ProfitOptics Difference Reduces Your Cost of Doing Business


A Tailored Approach

SaaS and Legacy solutions alone won’t give you what you need to achieve your highest performance. Our custom software and data solutions are your keys to achieving—if not exceeding—your business goals.


Proprietary Tools To Close Profit Leaks

Our proprietary technology is purpose-built to help clients find hidden revenue, improve margins, and increase customer profitability.


A Track Record of Achieving Results

We have delivered over $2 billion dollars of positive financial impact on our clients’ bottom lines. Our client retention rate is 90% because we deliver results, period.

"While I scrutinize every dollar paid to each of our vendors, I’m happy to receive the ProfitOptics invoices because I know for every $1 we pay them, we generate $6 in return. "

CFO, Distribution

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Schedule a P3 discovery call today to pinpoint the obstacles preventing you from maximizing sales performance. Our whiteboard sessions give you a deeper understanding of your challenges and opportunities to reduce your cost of doing business while increasing your revenue potential.

Robust Solutions for Every Goal and Every Team

Whether you want to improve how you manage your sales operations, increase revenue, reduce expenses, or identify new opportunities at the point of sale (POS), we are here to support all your teams and stakeholders.

For Sales

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Quote automation tools into the technology stack

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Detailed customer profitability analytics

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Improved sales reporting mechanisms

For Pricing

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Solutions to effectively manage vendor costs

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Coordination of price changes

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Customer price protection

For Operations

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Technology that automates vital workflows like order processing

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New account setup

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 Contract management

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Price change requests

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Customer case ticketing

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Rebate identification

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Inventory updates


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Improvements to how data is stored and accessed

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Duplicate data detection

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Item cross- referencing

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System integrations

Providing We Empower Our Clients to Close Profit Leaks and Increase Their Margins


Our HVAC distributor client improved their annual gross profits by 1.2%.

How? ProfitOptics deploys its price manager software to evaluate thousands of scenarios and identify the most optimal pricing model.

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Our Fortune 25 distributor client gained a 4x margin recovery increase.

How? ProfitOptics deploys its highly-intuitive platform to manage validated opportunities, foster sales accountability, and drive internal competition.

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Our Fortune 150 distributor client increased their proposal acceptance rate by 50% and produces over $50 million in annual gross profit. How?

ProfitOptics uses its pricing optimization system to analyze thousands of model scenarios and pinpoint the best price point.

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"Our secret sauce is our technology … and ProfitOptics is our technology partner. "

Founder, Healthcare Services Company

Maximize Your Margin:A Sales Operations Optimization Guide

Download our free guide to maximize your margin and increase sales performance!

Download our free guide

"ProfitOptics created our most profitable technical solution yet, giving us a significant competitive advantage. "

VP, Corporate Sales Operations, Distribution

When It Comes to Improving Our Clients’ Sales Operations, the Numbers Speak for Themselves

$2 billion

in positive financial impact on our clients’ bottom line


client satisfaction


5000 fastest-growing company

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client retention

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You Have Goals. We Have Solutions.
Schedule a P3 discovery call today to pinpoint the obstacles preventing you from hitting peak sales operations performance. Our three-step process allows us to transform your profitability objectives to a clear plan of action.
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